About us

Industrial-Commercial Company “KIN-B” incorporated and registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia in 1994. Since its founding until the present time the company “KIN-B” sells LADA cars and offers warranty and after sales services. One type of activity is the provision of the customs warehouse for the organization receive any brand of cars, storage, processing of various customs procedures for import, export, etc. Cars can be transported to a warehouse(as well as from the warehouse) by truck or trail transport special road railway wagons.

For this purpose, our company designed and built a mobile ramp for unloading (loading) road railway wagons.Our company manages 3 hectares of land at the intersection of Riga’s central thoroughfares. On this land we have build auto hall “LADA BALTIKA”, parking place for 300 cars and auto service center.Customs warehouse is located 100 meters from the car dealership. Customs warehouses can accommodate about 1000 cars.

During the time of our company “KIN-B” activity in Latvia our clients became not only private persons and various business structure,but large public organization, services and agencies, such as: Latvijas Pasts,LATVENERGO, State Border Guard of Latvia, the state Fire Service, State Land Service, the organization of service traffic light objects, the regional security environment organization, the State Police, The National Headquarters of the Armed Forces, factories “Lāčplēsis”, “Ķekava” and many others.

Warranty, maintenance and after-sales service, our company produces in a modern 5-guard service station. Phone – 80005050, 26661118. For information on spare parts are also available by phone. 80005050, 26661118, 29435454, fax – 67515904, e-mail: auto@vaz.lv.

More information about LADA 4×4 cars – WWW.NIVA.LV